National Management Olympiad 2017

5 team, 100 colleges, 10,000 students, management quiz, case studies, virtual corporate scenario, expert reviewer, expert faculty, corporate interaction.



Registration open for Management Students
(MBA, PGDM, BBA, M.COM Management, B.COM Management)

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One Month Online Competition
Management Experts Making Great Ideas Happen

Get involved into a unique kind of Olympiad where you will be able to test your real corporate skills. All the candidates will have to qualify a single quiz in order to get their position in a virtual company. Those who will not get any position will still be considered as part of the competition. Moreover, they can turn out to be a game changer while reviewing different team performances. Furthermore, they can submit their views and ideas which can lead them to win many awards all through the competition.
The submission by all the candidates will be reviewed by Industry Experts and Expert Faculties. This will give you a platform where you can expose yourself to the corporate world.

Industry Interaction

Virtual scenarios will be given by an Industry Expert, who will be responsible for reviewing your submissions. The more active you are, the more will be your visibility to Industry people. They may contact you personally with regards to different submissions.

Virtual Corporate Scenario

The competition involves just a single quiz. Apart from that, you will attain a corporate experience where you can showcase your skills, present your idea, and review other's submission. The main attractions of the competition include the following:
a) Be a part of a Virtual Company
b) Get Virtual Corporate Scenario from Industry experts.
c) Get a Virtual Position in virtual company and act accordingly.
d) Competition within company.
e) Competition between companies.

Be a part of the competition throughout

You will never get disqualified from the competition. You will be competing for the position in the company or to make your company win. So, you will be there in the competition till the end and can review in order to support your favorite team. You will be also eligible to win various awards based on your submissions. Moreover, every candidate will get a certificate of participation as well.

Committee Members


Director General AIMT

Head-Judge Committee

Dr. Sandeep Sharma

Dr. Sandeep Sharma
Director GLBIMR

Committee for College Interaction

Manisha Bahl

Manisha Bahl
Jagannath International Management School

Committee for Corporate Interaction

Ripudaman Gaur

Ripudaman Gaur

Committee for Media Management

Ramhit Nandan

Ramhit Nandan

Committee for Media Management

Sanjeev Kumar Pandey

Sanjeev Kumar Pandey

Committee for Corporate Interaction

Sanjeev Kumar Pandey

Arun Singh

Committee for College Interaction

Corporate Speaks

I am excited to see the upcoming talents in Industry. Best of luck to management students. Sanjeev Pandey
It will be easier for us to recognize the real talent. Rohit Agrawal
Chartered Accountant.

Why to Attend Management Olympiad?

Stay Ahead of Curves

A real experience always matters! This cutting edge competition gives freshers an opportunity to face a real struggle in order to prove themselves and to make their distinct position. So, prove yourself and get recognized.

Find New ways of thinking and problem solving

There is something more than an academic knowledge, which is very important to succeed in the corporate world. But, until we join the corporate world, we will never understand or experience those dimensions that can affect your decision making and the final results. This is an opportunity to experience the real heat. Know the modus-operandi and add new dimension to your personality. This will, thus, enable you to perform more efficiently in the journey of your career.

Networking Opportunities

Grab the opportunity of performing in front of several students, faculties, and Industry experts, and let them see your capabilities. You can easily join and be a part of this great event.

Strengthen your Skills

Every time you get stuck into some problem, your mind seeks a solution. The solutions are prescribed by a mind which considers all the experiences, and these experiences help you polish and strengthen your skills. So, all you need to strengthen your skills is experience, and the Management Olympiad will make you experience a Company (Virtual) which will have a leader, H.R head, Marketing Head, IT Head, Finance Head etc. So, the event will give you an opportunity to experience when a situation arises, how job role matters, or how different person with different role acts differently. These kind of experiences will give you an idea of how to perform at real world scenario, which will thus help you strengthen your skills effectively.








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